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How Do You Future-proof Your Brand ?

Don’t​ have​ ​a​ digital​ strategy.​ Having a business strategy that is built for the digital world is the future.

Our Formula For​ ​Brand​ ​Success


Strategic Planning, Research, Customer Experience

The Problem

What are your top marketing challenges? How will you discover new opportunities in one of the most transformational times in human history?

Our Solution

Close the loop (or somebody else will close it for you). Behind every device is a human. They don’t really remember what you are saying or what you are doing. They only remember how you make them feel. Data is only meaningful when it can really be used and leveraged as an actionable human insight.
Strategic​ ​Planning,​ ​ ​Customer​ ​Experience


Insight & Analysis, Brand Roadmap, Thought & Inspiration

The Problem

What content distribution channels do you plan to add to your marketing mix? How will this help drive sales?

Our Solution

With the average attention span of a person now at about three seconds, brands have a small window to ‘catch’ the consumer. It’s not enough to have great content – it needs to deliver the right message to the right person, in the right medium at the right place and the right time.
Insight & Analysis, Brand Roadmap, Marketing Strategy


Content, Social, Customization & Personalization

The Problem

Disruption has become the new normal. How do you stand out amidst the noise?

Our Solution

Good content, inspired by good insight, always works. The global rule for creating content that works is content that: Makes you laugh, Makes you cry, Stimulates desire
Content​ ​Strategy,​ ​Customization​ ​&​ ​Personalization


Growth Marketing, Brand-Driven Digital, Trendsetting

The Problem

Everything that used to be dumb and disconnected is now wired and intelligent. How do you ride the next digital wave?

Our Solution

Go beyond technology to reach human insights. Human-only traits of intuition, creativity, imagination, emotion and ethics will be more important in the future because machines are very good at simulating but not at being.
Growth​ ​Marketing,​ ​Brand​ ​Management,​ ​Culture​ ​Mining

Our Story

We’ll keep it brief

Our Mission

Pulp Media Lab’s mission is to make your business relevant, vital and inspired. Why do we do this? We understand how difficult it is to keep up on digital culture. Pulp Media Lab is here to be your inspiration and right arm that supports your business in its first – or next – big wave. And propels your brand to reach digital first customers.

Our Street Cred

Founder of PulpLab and, Kate Pawlicki’s established relationship with digital culture helps drive the brand marketing services agency Pulp Media Lab. From its inception, Pulp has been dedicated to decoding the trends and undercurrents of emerging culture.

Our Platforms

When it’s time to launch, we can help you optimize value and ROI, drive connections with your customers, and keep them coming back. We have established brand platforms to help integrate all your launch activities and transform ideas into business opportunities through strategic partnerships and brand extension sponsorships. PULPLAB.COM / SHOPPULP.COM

With daily product reviews, news, videos, feature articles and deep links to trending products, our content tells stories that convert visitors into customers.

Provides brands with a high potential e-commerce and content platform to gain brand awareness + exposure, and support with sales, events and influencers.

Pulp Media Lab – The Agency

Strategic Insights and Consulting, Social Media Mining, Brand Strategy, Insider Intel on food, fashion, music, tech, film and advertising trends.

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Not just up to speed on trends, technology, and channels of the moment, we have an informed eye on where digital culture is headed and how our clients can keep ahead of the curve.


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